Once we have purchased the land, we will move on to building the small homes and community building.  The info below offers current insight into the development of our community.  As opportunities present themselves, greater detail will be included.

The small houses will be built to code.  This will allow for better health, safety, and partnership with our residents to build a life plan.  We already partner with many concerned citizens who have offered to teach skills and trades.  Each resident will be required to assist in building their new home which builds work experience.  Residents who are working will need to pay 25% of their net for rent.

The goal of the community is to become self sustaining.  We plan to grow vegetables, keeping bees for honey, and other income sources.

4 Responses to Community

  1. Amy says:

    I discovered your site thanks to a car magnet I saw out and about today. I’m very interested in your organization. How close are you to buying land? Do you have any likely sites picked out?

    I was glad to see you have a Saturday outreach. If I were able to gather up things for donation, do I just show up, or is there a better way to handle things?

    Thank you for all you’re doing to help,

    • HUGS says:

      Hi Amy,

      We have an interest in a few parcels of land. Our current and ongoing problem is the zoning code. Yes, you can just show up with your donations at Saturday’s Outreach. Ask for Kathy our amazing Outreach Coordinator. 10:45 is a good time to see what we do from the beginning (from setup). Your support is greatly appreciated. HUGS!

  2. Martez Coleman says:

    I need help with housing

    • HUGS says:

      Call the PWC Coordinated Entry System which has been set up to help residents who experience a housing crisis. The number is 703-792-3366

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